Published on March 19, 2005 By wannit In Blogging
When do you decide to give up on a relationship? Especially one that has lasted 33 years. This decision was decided by my parents. My mother has asked my father for a divorce. My father wants to try and work things out. All my siblings support my mothers decision, so my father is angry with us. My father had a deep dark secret in his life. He never told my mother about it. When I was eighteen it came to light and my mom decided to stay with him then. Last year it stuck its ugly head out again and my mom wasn't going to put up with my father anymore. She wished she had divorced him when the first incedent occured. Some people believe that my mom needs to forgive and forget. How can she when my dad blames her for what happened? I have even had a hard time forgiving him. I don't think I've fully done so yet. It effected my whole family, so its hard to trust him again. Once you have lost trust with someone its hard to get it back the way it was. I don't know if you truly could. My mom has found out how strong she really is. I knew she was strong from all the stuff she went through growing up and everything happening now. She is having to adjust to one income after the seperation. She has a minimum wage job with a teenage daughter still living at home. My sister is 17 and a senior in high school. She just recently got a job delivering newspapers from 2 a.m until 5 a.m. Plus, she is attending college 3 nights a week. She used to so immature, but since my mom and dad's decision she has changed drastically. She is very aware of my mother's bills and how they are getting paid. Because my father is not helping my mother with my sister expenses that occur during one's senior year. He thinks he's punishing my mother by not helping her. He thinks she'll ask him back if she gets desperate for money. What he doesn't know is his kids are helping their mom through this hard time with financial help whenever they can. The last time my father called me he didn't even say he loved me. He has always said I love all the time. Right know he has to much hatred and unforgiveness building up to even speak the words. I hope and pray he changes, so one day he'll be able to move on with his life.
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